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NextDrive Won the 2022 New Energy Award

2023 / 02 / 10

The Only Taiwanese Company Recognized by the Japanese Government and Industry with NextDrive Internet of Energy Platform


Yuzou Ichikawa, The New Energy Foundation Chairman,
and Michihiro Konagai, Director of NextDrive Business Acceleration


NextDrive, a leading provider of Energy-as-a-Service, was awarded the 2022 New Energy Award with its Internet of Energy Platform and Ecogenie+ Home Energy Management Solution.

The New Energy Award judges commented, “through connection with energy devices and cloud, the Internet of Energy Platform retrieves real-time energy data and allows them to be remote-controllable with the application. The innovative Platform is the force for deploying renewable energy sources and applications.” The award is another recognition from the government after NextDrive was selected to join the 2022 RE Aggregation Demonstration Projects, organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (hereafter, ‘METI’).

Under the goal of Carbon Neutrality in 2050, the Japanese government actively collaborates with industry and academics, empowering its new energy development at the forefront of the world. Since 1996, the METI has begun to guide the New Energy Foundation (NEF) to deliver the New Energy Award yearly, urging for the development of the country’s new energy applications and business models.

▲ Group photo of the award winners


On the other hand, NextDrive is one of the few foreign companies that has successfully entered the energy industry’s narrow gate. Since 2016, major Japanese utilities and energy retailers have started to utilize the Platform for developing new energy services and applications, such as energy management (xEMS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPP).

In 2022, the METI invited selected participants to join the 2022 RE Aggregation Demonstration Projects to build a stable and efficient electric system with distributed energy resources (hereinafter “DER”). The Platform enabled ENERES and Toshiba ESS to tie home energy management system (HEMS), batteries, and EV chargers, hence realizing DER controls for fulfilling the requirements of Demand Response (DR) and Virtual Power Plants (VPP).

Upon receiving the recognition again, Jeryuan Yan, the CEO of NextDrive, stated, “The Platform offers a flexible and reliable connection between endpoint and cloud. The Platform realizes versatile new energy applications for any scale through data retrievals and remote control, such as energy management solutions and Zero Energy House (ZEH) applications. We welcome businesses to join our Platform and drive the new energy future together.”

▲ The certificate of the New Energy Award

The total package of the Internet of Energy Platform, including gateway, cloud, and management system

Learn More

2022 New Energy Award (in Japanese) – https://www.nef.or.jp/award/kako/r04/b_01.html

2022 RE Aggregation Demonstration Projects (in Chinese) –  http://url.nextdrive.io/YW45s

2022 RE Aggregation Demonstration Projects with Toshiba ESS (in Japanese) – http://url.nextdrive.io/QmW0Z

NextDrive Internet of Energy Platform – https://www.nextdrive.io/ioesuite-dev/


About New Energy Foundation & New Energy Award

To promote renewable energies and new energy systems, New Energy Foundation engages in various activities such as enlightenment (New Energy Award), government consulting, research studies, and international cooperation.

About NextDrive

NextDrive navigates business toward a sustainable future via IoT and energy technology. Through software & hardware integration, data analysis, and UX design, NextDrive connects new energy and energy ecosystems, constructing the Internet of Energy Platform & solutions that benefit all.

About NextDrive Internet of Energy Platform

The Platform helps you to develop new energy services based on collecting power consumption, generation, and storage data from users, summarizing, analyzing, and monitoring the data in the cloud, and then integrating services across sectors through the API.

About Ecogenie+

Ecogenie+ integrates the smart meter communication module, cloud services, energy management, and smart homes. The intuitive interface helps users to visualize house consumption, generation, and storage. Ecogenie+ allows users to remote control devices and appliances certified with ECHONET Lite.


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Founded in 2013, NextDrive had the vision of creating a lifestyle that “optimizes the consumption of every power” via the Internet of Energy (IoE) technologies.

Based on science and technology, NextDrive supplies software and hardware consolidation and cloud services and enhances the advantages of communication technology to enable the implementation of modular platform architectures in power devices.