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2024 / 03 / 15
Achieving net-zero emission goals across industries heavily depends on maximizing energy efficiency for carbon reduction. NextDrive is set to reveal a cutting-edge corporate emission reduction solution, Multi-Energy AI Forecasting, at the ‘2050 Net Zero City Exhibition,’ on March 19th to 22nd, aiming to optimize the behind-the-meter energy storage through artificial intelligence, assisting enterprises in bolstering their proportion of green energy adoption and utilization of renewable energy. Based on estimates of real-world solar storage projects, commercial and industrial electricity consumers could potentially witness a 17% increase in annual electricity cost savings after implementation, along with a substantial enhancement in green electricity integration.
2023 / 02 / 10
The award is another recognition from the government after NextDrive was selected to join the 2022 RE Aggregation Demonstration Projects, organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (hereafter, ‘METI’).
2020 / 10 / 07
NextDrive, an international Internet of Energy (IoE) platform solutions provider, announces today that its Atto Data Collection Gateway has won the 2020 Good Design Award, and it is the third Good Design Award that NextDrive has allocated after 2017 and 2018※. 
2020 / 08 / 31
NextDrive, a Taiwanese company dedicated to energy optimization via the Internet of Energy, released its latest energy management system and the self-developed IoE energy gateway (Cube J) in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The NextDrive Cube J can manage household electricity consumption directly by connecting to smart meter-connected home appliances. Besides basic functions such as monitoring and managing the electricity bill, users can also remotely control home appliances with their smartphones, monitor and record electricity consumption, and receive energy conservation advice from the energy management system while allowing “money-saving” and “smart home management” to be right at your fingertips.
2020 / 05 / 06
The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has become a worldwide pandemic and research institutes, academia and private sectors are contributing to prevention efforts. NextDrive, together with the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE), the Department of Nursing and the Department of Internal Medicine at National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Tainan, developed a smart band specifically designed to monitor the heart rates and body temperatures of front-line medical staffs, continuously in real-time.
2020 / 04 / 23
This year, MOST teamed up with 20 Taiwanese startup ecosystem partners such as Microsoft Accelerator, Chunghwa Telecom 5G Accelerator, PwC’s Scale-up Accelerator, Qualcomm Taiwan Innovation Competition (QITC), Garage +, and Digital Times. Among 2,620 technology startups, the 521 potential teams were recommended to participate in the 3-rounds selection process, including preliminary examination, review, and final selection to decide the annual 10 coolest startups.