IoE Suite Developer & API Service

Easily Develop New Energy Services

Using IoE Suite Developer & API Service
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Easy-to-use Tools to Help You in Different Stages of Development

IoE Suite Developer provides you with easy-to-use tools that will meet your needs in each stage of development. Working together with you through development, testing, and release.

Rapid Development

IoE Suite API Service helps you obtain data from energy devices and control the energy devices remotely. Helps you overcome the software and hardware challenges of new energy services.

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Develop Exclusive New Energy Services Based on Energy Data!

IoE Suite Developer & API Service helps you to become data-centric, collecting power consumption, generation, and storage data from users, summarizing, analyzing, and monitoring the data in the cloud, and then integrating services across sectors through the API to create new energy business opportunities.

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All Set and Ready Bring Your
Energy Service Online Immediately

NextDrive provides partnering companies with the best energy transition strategies based on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) framework of its IoE platform. Supports ECHONET Lite AIF certified gateways, modulized HEMS, and API connection to cloud data. Assists partnering companies with integrating low voltage regulation resources and rapidly developing new energy commercial applications.

Every Function You Need is Available All Prepared for You /
Integrates Multiple Communication Protocols

Energy gateways that support the communication protocols ECHONET Lite and Modbus are able to meet the regulation requirements of most home appliances.

Complete Knowledgebase and API Documents

Provides instructions for IoE Suite Developer users and API specifications. Apply for an API key, obtain device data and control rights, simple steps for connection.

Developer App

Life+ Developer is an app with the same functions of the original app Ecogenie+, and is used as the testing environment for Beta version services. Helps you conduct tests from users’ perspective.

Seamless Release from Sandbox to Commercial Environment

After your application to release a service is reviewed and approved, you can seamlessly release it into the commercial environment.

Foundation API

Obtain the status and data of various devices and control the devices. Send instructions through the gateway to adjust storage battery charging and discharge, obtain power consumption data or control home appliances to participate in DR. Everything is under your control.

Service Store API

Obtain the status of services and information on users and devices, and directly communicate with service customers through posts.

Life+ Service Marketplace

Provide services you developed to companies and their customers.

Be Pioneers
Jointly Explore the Potential of Energy Data