Life+ Service Marketplace

Making life more comfortable

Providing diverse energy services to all HEMS users.
Product /

Life+ Service Marketplace allows value-added service developers and energy service operators to provide diverse energy services to all HEMS users.

Value /

Life+ Service Marketplace is not merely a store that provides subscription to services, but an open innovation platform. The service subscription mechanism builds connections and facilitates interactions between application service providers, IoE service operators, and end users. Using energy data to inspire even more possibilities.

Advantage /


NextDrive API Service achieves high level of integration between third party cloud, energy gateway, and terminal devices to help you overcome all possible software and hardware challenges.

Easy-to-use Tools to Help You in Different Stages of Development

IoE Suite Developer provides you with easy-to-use tools that will meet your needs in each stage of development. Working together with you through development, testing, and release.

Carefully Examine the Performance of Each Part on the Services Page.

Life+ Developer is an app with the same functions of the original app Ecogenie+, and is used as the testing environment for ASP Beta version services. Helps you conduct tests from users’ perspective.

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Jointly Explore the Potential of Energy Data