Home Energy Management

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Our Solution /

NextDrive HEMS provides one-stop services that integrate the smart meter communication module, cloud services, energy management, and smart homes.

Value /

Redefine new generation energy management services specifically for sites in Taiwan.

Advantage /
World class UI/UX design and development team

Won Japan’s Good Design Award three times. Won Germany’s iF Service Design Award and was selected one of the world’s best service designs in 2022. Frequent recognition with international design awards.

The frontier of the energy market
Japanese perspective, Taiwanese technology

NextDrive has a wealth of experience in the home energy management market. We utilized the product development and brand management capabilities we gained in Japan, Australia, and Taiwan, as well as the experience from working with major power companies in the past, to redefine new generation energy management services specifically for sites in Taiwan.

Taiwan Power HEMS
Home energy promotion partner

We jointly launched “1% Energy Actor” with Taiwan Power Company in 2022, and became the first company in Taiwan to provide HEMS using a Route B module.

Wi-SUN FAN patent
Developed specifically for smart meter applications in Taiwan

NextDrive’s smart meter Route B communication module uses Wi-SUN FAN communication technology, which can expand the coverage of the communication module’s wireless network through a mesh network, and maintains a 99.39% AMR rate in complex environments.

Energy conservation plan

Enter data on your electricity bill, the size of your home, and types of electric appliances used. Set a budget and energy conservation goal based on the electricity fee rate and electricity consumption habits!

Electricity game

Electricity conservation missions are sent irregularly to help you understand real electricity consumption data of your home appliances. This will make you more aware of your electricity consumption!Complete missions and collect e-coins for a limited edition gift >

Reminders for going over budget on electricity fees

Set a monthly energy budget and follow its progress in real-time to keep your energy expenditure and spending under control.Supports cumulative and time-of-use plans so that you will not have any concerns about electricity consumption and fee payment.

Energy conservation recommendations

52 energy conservation charms provide you with an endless stream of inspiration for electricity conservation! Notifications during the holidays and different seasons provide you with timely tips for electricity conservation

Electricity Report

The electricity report shows you electricity consumption every 30 minutes, and allows you to see if you are saving at a glance. It can also switch between three time frames – month, week, and day to help you better understand your electricity consumption habits, saving unnecessary expenses!

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