Community Energy Management


Product /

CEMS enables proactive and efficient management of renewable assets by providing greater insight into operations and analyzing key performance indicators and their evolution. The solution facilitates timely, strategic decision-making, which leads to greater efficiency, reduced downtime and optimized performance.

Value /

Accelerate your renewables. Power your business.

CEMS comprises an integrated set of tools to maximize energy production, increase availability, control energy losses and improve overall operational performance that has a direct impact on business revenues.

Advantage /

Designed to assist both managers and field teams on the go, CEMS combines the best of both worlds, with real-time portfolio monitoring plus key business operational indicators that can be easily accessed through a web browser.

Intuitive images

Clear and easy-to-understand information on power storage integration. Even someone without any prior energy management expertise can quickly understand the energy dynamics.

Smart control

Our exclusive machine learning technology can predict and automatically control storage batteries and power facilities in a specific area, reducing the cost of artificial monitoring to the minimum.

A platform with high compatibility

Our stable energy Internet of Things platform ensures uninterrupted data upload and is compatible with various data transmission methods, such as Scada, OCPP, etc., which improves the field energy internet of things ecosystem.

Features /
Renewable Energy Dashboard

The customizable Dashboard provides visualized energy data and control panels, and it can be accessed anywhere at any time by logging in through your computer or mobile.

AI-powered battery control system

Our proprietary algorithm can predict the risk of overcharging every 15 minutes, and dynamically adjust the power output and battery capacity accordingly.

Smart load management system

Using AI to control and manage power generators, chillers, and SCADA systems based on electricity consumption and expected efficiency.

Contract capacity optimization

Collecting records of power storage through a rolling wave planning method and providing accurate and feasible suggestions for contract capacity optimization.

Green Power integration and carbon reduction performance report

View the performance report with just one click, which also outlines a tailored medium- to long-term zero-carbon strategy and green power procurement plan.

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