Renewable Energy Management


The era of net zero emissions is just around the corner as the demand on renewable energy from governments and companies rises each year. NextDrive provides ESG companies and major electricity users with a one-stop CEMS solution. Improve companies’ green power use efficiency and benefits through consulting and data services, in order to achieve goals on green energy demand.

Solution /
Target customers
ESG companies

Companies that have green energy management needs due to participation in sustainability organizations (RE100), net zero, and carbon reduction plans.

Major electricity users

Major electricity users defined by law or self-governance ordinances that seek to build the most cost-effective green power facilities.

Green energy supply chain

Companies that engage in green energy development and management in response to the requirements of upstream companies on the supply chain.

New energy management system

A smart and highly compatible system that allows companies to easily monitor the trajectory of load at each site, and further optimizes electricity use to achieve better efficiency.

Energy storage system

Uses the new energy management system to control storage batteries, optimize the energy load curve, and lower electricity fees; or participates in the electricity trading market of Taiwan Power Company to create new business models.


A gateway with powerful computing abilities that supports flexible connectivity standards and high-capacity storage space, and provides the system with a stable and agile computing environment.

Basic service process
Business goals and demand analysis

The team of professional consultants contacts and understands the green energy demand and goals of companies, and further determines the intent of both parties to work together through information on sites and electricity consumption.

Planning and proposal

a. Analysis of electricity consumption at the target site and benefits of implementation
b. Hardware planning recommendations
c. Company matching: EPC, green energy companies, ESCO, and carbon inventory consultants

One-stop system implementation *optional

Energy management system, gateway, energy storage equipment*, EV charger*, and solar PV equipment*

CEMS and application development

a. Optimize contract capacity
b. 100 development and planning recommendations: Green energy procurement ratio, energy storage implementation planning
c. Guidance for new energy business planning

Value /
Expected benefits provided to customers
0 %

Reduce electricity fees by 20%:

Optimize the energy load curve to significantly reduce electricity fees.

0 %

Reduces purchasing cost by 7%:
A good green energy implementation strategy can reduce purchasing cost by 7% or more

Guidance for participation in the electricity trading market:
Seize an opportunity in a trillion dollar market with the electricity trading solution

Services and advantages /
Energy strategy consulting services

Whether it may be ESG strategy or the legal obligations of major electricity users, we provide the best strategies for green energy allocation and increase the efficiency and benefits of electricity use based on company demand and reports on site data and results.

Smart energy management system

The system integrates electricity consumption, generation, and storage data through an intuitive visualized interface, monitoring the electricity consumption of a site in real time with AI-controlled energy storage and high-power electrical equipment.

One-stop software and hardware integration services

We assist the implementation and integration of energy management system, energy storage system, and solar PV system, which makes management significantly easier for companies.

Features /
Visualization of energy

Renewable energy dashboard

AI control

Demand forecast and warning

Energy storage control

Power consumption diagnosis

Green power results report Optimize Contract Capacity

Adding value through data

New energy business development

Low carbon route planning

Jointly Explore the Potential of Energy Data