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Annual 10 Coolest Tech Startups reform New Industries

2020 / 04 / 23

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) organized selection committee with 20 Taiwan startup ecosystem partners

In order to enhance the global competitiveness of technological innovations, in recent years, MOST has set up Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) to integrate domestic entrepreneurial ecosystem resources. In addition, it has also selected “Taiwan’s top 10 coolest Tech Startups” every year to find the most potential startups with core-tech development capability which can change industry rules, conduct market validation and expand global market.

This year, MOST teamed up with 20 Taiwanese startup ecosystem partners such as Microsoft Accelerator, Chunghwa Telecom 5G Accelerator, PwC’s Scale-up Accelerator, Qualcomm Taiwan Innovation Competition (QITC), Garage +, and Digital Times. Among 2,620 technology startups, the 521 potential teams were recommended to participate in the 3-rounds selection process, including preliminary examination, review, and final selection to decide the annual 10 coolest startups.

The Trend of 10 Coolest Startups (AI 50%, med-tech 30%)

Based on its Skeleton-Print technology, Beseye develops a video analysis platform which collects data form AI security cameras that provide security to intelligently protect elders to fall. Deep01’s intracranial hemorrhage detection AI system can detects the injured parts within 30 seconds. Atgenomix builds gene data platform with Microsoft to provide precision medicine the enterprise-grade and truly-scalable genome sequencing Bio-IT that runs in the cloud. OSENSE TECHNOLOGY launched a smart baseball stadium app integrating all related O2O (online to offline) services, which can be simultaneously utilized by a large audience with the assistance of fast 5G transmission. Relajet endeavors on acoustic fingerprinting technologies and has introduced an AI acoustic fingerprinting engine that can perform edge computing on hearing aids.

Turning to the startups focus on med-tech (30%), Heroic Faith launches vital sign sensors for pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, in a hope to enhance the prognosis of intubation patients. IVD R.E.D manufactures fully-integrated microfluidic chips that can provide support to ensure the high operational reliability. LumiSTAR Biotechnology designs a range of protein-based indicators for cellular dynamics measurements.

On the other hand, NEXTDRIVE is the most fundraised startup among 10 coolest startups; it integrated electricity data and energy equipment into a Cube Energy Gateway which visualizes electricity and analyzes it in cloud. TMY Technology has invented an innovative fast-scan and low-effective-approach for 5G mmWave production test along with antenna validation and other test functions in R&D lab.

The 10 coolest techs are able to reform the supply-chain along with 10 billion global epidemic prevention opportunities

“In order to encourage young generations to solve problems with technology, MOST will continue to cooperate with industries, investors, technology experts and representatives of the start-up ecosystem to high light Taiwan’s Top 10 coolest Tech Startups every year.” Minister Dr. Chen Liang-Gee says.”We hope to assist the startups to increase international visibility, gain more resources and orders, and have the opportunity to become a part of the new industrial structure.”

Especially during the outbreak of the global epidemic, the highly professional, cross-domain integration and multiple applications of 10 Coolest Tech Startups are more highlighted. For example, Heroic Faith, with lung medicine specialty, AI computing and data comparison technology, is able to participate in epidemic prevention work. At the same time, OSENSE TECHNOLOGY also responds to the current global restrictions on assembly activities by deploying all-perceptive technology in advance, so that people who love sports and games can have new experiences through online services and have the opportunity to reach global market.

TTA builds Taiwan’s technology startup platform to contribute to virus-prevention 

TTA is not only the base to link Taiwan and global startup communities, but also the platform which integrates resources, assists startups to focus on the application of AI, software and semiconductor, and build the ability to respond quickly to social demands. Echoing with recent global anti-virus actions, TTA startup yallvend integrates facial and identity recognition and Blockchain traceable technology to deploy face mask vending machines. ELECLEAN uses nano-catalysis electrochemical technology to manufacture disinfectant spray.

The original article was published in Ministry of Science and Technology

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