IoE Suite Ecogenie+

IoE Suite Ecogenie+

Device and Data Management System
Product /

IoE Suite Ecogenie+ provides you with an operations report on gateway shipment, user electricity consumption, and devices connected.Further develop precision service plans to bring real growth to the company.

Value /

IoE Suite Ecogenie+ helps you achieve one-stop management for all gateways and smart devices.

Whether it is customer behavior or IoE device data, they all can be integrated into the IoE Suite.You can quickly establish data classifications to efficiently filter through the mass data collected for valuable business information.By using the customer’s preferred communication method, you can easily implement individual marketing to achieve sales-growth goals.

Advantage /

Without needing to bear any development cost using energy management software services provided through the SaaS model.

Immediately begin validation of your new energy business models

IoE platform can be flexibly configured according to corporate needs and provide the customer, a customized intelligent home energy management solution. From hardware deployment to system setup, Ecogenie+ is a one-stop solution that offers all-around support. It assists corporations to focus on core operations to support substantial corporate growth.

Every Function You Need is Available All Prepared for You /
Device Management
Monitor the Status of Equipment and Devices in Real-time

Provides statistics on ECHONET Lite device, Bluetooth, and gateway pairing and connection status.

Check the total number of devices and the number that is connected/disconnected here. Further obtain data on user devices to help complete installation, configuration, connection, firmware update, and pairing.

Data Visualization
Download Power Usage, Generation, and Storage Data

Provides power data of equipment that users are connected to, such as solar panels, storage batteries, and smart meters.

Download information on all relevant users by uploading CSV document containing gateway serial numbers. Can be used to apply for J Credit and ZEH subsidies.

User Interaction
Content Management and Results Analysis

Provides content management back-end and user segmentation tools that allows user lists to be uploaded via CSV or the management of users with specific equipment. Achieves precision communication through platform integration and data analysis.

Supports different types of posts, such as: carousels of text and images or starting surveys for marketing.

In-depth Interactions that Increase User Stickiness

Ensures that IoE platform operators can easily access information on end user accounts, energy devices, and app use behavior.

Supports pre-installation and remote installation functions for users in the initial activation stage.Increases two-way interactions between IoE platform operators and end users, and increases user stickiness. Precisely targets potential customers.

Value-Added Service Subscription

The intuitive IoE Suite is an API that is third party service integrable to allow multiple service providers to operate under the one IoE ecosystem.

Together, it provides your customers with a brand new subscription to an intelligent lifestyle that offers to improve the lifetime value of the customer and user experience.

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