Energy Data Management & API Service

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Challenge /

From device connection/data collection at the base layer, cloud data storage management/access authorization, to reach/user service promotion at the application layer, we provide a one-stop solution that helps you solve problems in every stage.

Solution /

You can immediately begin developing and verifying services through the one-stop solution “Developer Program” on NextDrive’s IoE Platform, and significantly reduce your initial investment cost.

Value /

IoE platform can be flexibly configured according to corporate needs and provide the customer with a customized solution. From hardware deployment to system setup, we provide a one-stop solution that offers all-around support and assist corporations to focus on core operations that will drive substantial corporate growth.

Advantage /

Add value to your energy services through IoE data


Integrates energy data and equipment control mechanisms for the development of innovative user-centric services.


No development necessary. Easily manage energy devices scattered in different places, and expand the scale as needed.


Supports multiple communication technologies and protocols, and its expandability ensures the ability of devices to access the Internet.

Features /
Internet connection expansion services

Provides device Internet connection expansion services and ensures the infrastructure and ability for different devices to access the Internet.

Cloud environment management and maintenance

Creates the cloud environment needed for data storage/processing, and assists with management and maintenance, so that you can easily access data of users and distributed energy devices.

API services and a sandbox environment

Provides API services and a sandbox environment where you can easily access energy data and control energy devices, and develop your own killer application.

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