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NextDrive’s ‘Multi-Energy AI Forecasting’ Elevates Solar Energy Storage Efficiency by 17%

2024 / 03 / 15

NextDrive launches ‘Multi-Energy AI Forecasting’ technology to enhance solar energy storage efficiency, facilitating businesses in advancing net-zero benefits. Pictured: Jeryuan Yan, CEO of NextDrive.


【March 15, Taipei】Achieving net-zero emission goals across industries heavily depends on maximizing energy efficiency for carbon reduction. NextDrive is set to reveal a cutting-edge corporate emission reduction solution, Multi-Energy AI Forecasting, at the ‘2050 Net Zero City Exhibition,’ on March 19th to 22nd, aiming to optimize the behind-the-meter energy storage through artificial intelligence, assisting enterprises in bolstering their proportion of green energy adoption and utilization of renewable energy. Based on estimates of real-world solar storage projects, commercial and industrial electricity consumers could potentially witness a 17% increase in annual electricity cost savings after implementation, along with a substantial enhancement in green electricity integration.


In response to the continuous attention in energy emission reduction within industries, focus has shifted from the utilization of low-energy consumption equipment to maximizing renewable energy. Therefore, NextDrive introduced an innovative solution in behind-the-meter energy storage, which aids in boosting the proportion of green electricity in energy portfolios and enhancing power distribution strategies. NextDrive emphasized that behind-the-meter energy storage represents an advanced approach, in which ‘by retaining green energy within the resources of power dispatch and employing AI and systems as core, whether it’s optimizing electricity costs, reducing penalties for exceeding contracts, or maximizing the proportion of green energy, instructions can be issued efficiently to arrange resources across the entire field, enabling real-time and precise decision-making.’ 


NextDrive introduces its ‘Multi-Energy AI Forecasting’, leading the industry in merging solar energy prediction and load forecast technology. With the implementation of AI, this innovation directly impacts the accuracy of energy data assessment, making abrupt improvements in scheduling efficiency. Empirical calculations based on the real-world conditions demonstrate the superiority of the ‘Multi-Energy AI Forecasting’ over existing market models as it enables consumers to realize tangible cost-saving benefits, especially as surplus electricity declines, resulting in almost 2% increase in renewable energy utilization and overall reduction in grid electricity consumption. NextDrive emphasizes that ‘benefits derive from data-driven insights,’ making the behind-the meter energy storage a profitable investment. 


In addition, NextDrive has introduced the ‘Multi-Site Energy Management’ solution to encourage more industries to participate in emission reduction endeavors. This not only enables logistic and retail service sectors to initiate net-zero strategies, but also promotes a group-oriented organizational structure. Both headquarters and branch stores have the flexibility to select system management monitoring interfaces customized to their operational requirements.


Building Infrastructure for Energy Service Providers: Smart Meter to Cloud Data


With extensive experience in energy technology validation across Japan and Taiwan, NextDrive will be announcing multiple net-zero cases such as isolated island microgrids and near-net-zero demonstration sites. Moreover, NextDrive is releasing comprehensive technical solutions encompassing smart energy gateways compatible with communication protocols from Japan, Taiwan, and the US, diverse energy data API services, as well as the Route B meter communication module, which is currently the only device to pass the Taiwan Power Company’s compliance testing. The overall aim is to consolidate their expertise in integrating energy data from meters to the cloud, establishing a foundational infrastructure for industry-wide energy application services.


【2050 Net-Zero City Expo】

NextDrive 聯齊科技 Multi-Energy AI Forecasting Energy Solution

Date:2024/3/19 ~ 2024/3/21

Time:10:00 ~ 18:00 (3/21 10:00 ~ 17:00)

Location:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall Building 2, 4F

Booth Number:R223

For more information, please refer to https://www.nextdrive.io/netzerocityexpo/


About NextDrive

NextDrive navigates business toward a sustainable future by providing IoE technology and infrastructures of net-zero solutions. Through software & hardware integration, data analysis, and UX design, the award-winning team expands its service nationwide in Taiwan and Japan,  constructing new energy businesses that benefit all.


In 2023, NextDrive was honored with the “Annual New Energy Chairman’s Award” presented by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, as well as the “Next Big” award designated by Taiwan’s National Development Council. These accolades symbolize our forward-thinking technology and impact recognized by both the Japanese and Taiwanese governments, as well as the industry.


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Founded in 2013, NextDrive had the vision of creating a lifestyle that “optimizes the consumption of every power” via the Internet of Energy (IoE) technologies.

Based on science and technology, NextDrive supplies software and hardware consolidation and cloud services and enhances the advantages of communication technology to enable the implementation of modular platform architectures in power devices.