About Us

About NextDrive

Making Energy Count

“Integration of various energy sources,
improvement in energy efficiency,
and creation of a powerful platform that benefits everyone”
Creating a comfortable life

Founded in 2013, NextDrive had the vision of creating a lifestyle that “optimizes the consumption of every power” via the Internet of Energy (IoE) technologies.

Based on science and technology, NextDrive supplies software and hardware consolidation and cloud services and enhances the advantages of communication technology to enable the implementation of modular platform architectures in power devices.

Building future energy

By covering different scenarios from families to communities, NextDrive connects home and community power consumption and helps realize the idea of an efficient and energy-saving smart lifestyle by visualization, intelligent control, and optimal distribution of power.

Management Team /
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founders

Jeryuan Yan

Jeryuan Yen, CEO and one of the co-founders of NextDrive, is in charge of the company’s international marketing and operation. Prior to NextDrive, Jeryuan Yen founded Ninecom and acted as the general manager of Fresco Logic Taiwan District.

NextDrive Japan
Managing Director, Japan

Shawn Shih

Shawn Shih, the representative of NextDrive’s board director in Japan, is responsible for market development and client relationship maintenance in Japan.

Vice President, Japan

Fumitoshi Keino

28+ years experience in development of system/device for electric-power distribution.

NextDrive Taiwan
President, Chief Marketing Officer

Martina Yi

Used to work as a marketing manager at BenQ.

NextDrive Japan
Business Development Director

Michihiro Konagai

Used to work as a director of Infrastructure and land development div.



2022 | AWS the Best Solution of the Year
2020 | Top 10 Innovative Startups
2019 |  Mizuho Bank Innovation Award
2018 | APAC Top 25 Global IoT Solution

Product and Service

2022 | iF Service Design Award
2020 | Good Design Award – Atto
2018 | Good Design Award – Spectra
2017 | Good Design Award – Cube