Success Case

Energy Supply エネラボ

2022 / 04 / 07
Energy Supply エネラボ
Project Period
2021 - Present
Client’s Industry
Virtual power plants and third-party partnerships Power purchase agreement (PPA)

Client Profile

Energy Supply / Enelab is a power service provider striving to achieve self-sufficiency in power production and sales through solar power and storage batteries, primarily in the Kinki, Chūgoku, and Shikoku regions, including power retailing, equipment sales, and construction.

Client's Objectives

In order to provide higher-added value power services, the goal is to develop and expand new services using energy resources such as storage batteries.


Business Challenge

There hasn’t been a system that can simultaneously provide multiple applications and services with a good price-performance ratio, so the plan has never been able to materialize.

Our Solutions

The Ecogenie+ (white label) solution from NextDrive provided a way for the client to create a connection with their own customers and build a foundation for providing value-added services in a very short period of time. This provided opportunities to create environmental value (Jcredit), storage battery control, participation in DER (DR/VPP) demonstration, and other services.


Jointly Explore the Potential of Energy Data