NextDrive Connect™ Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs how NextDrive Connect™  (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) handles information provided by users of the Service. The Service consists of a home energy gateway, a smartphone application, and connected cloud services, and we collect information provided by users through their use of the Service.


The document defines terms such as user information, personal information, and related information. It also defines the home energy gateway and smartphone application used in the Service.

Information Collection: 

The company collects user information during the use of the Service, including information from the home energy gateway and connected devices, as well as information from the smartphone application.

Purpose of Use: 

The collected information is used for various purposes, including contacting users, providing power management information, calculating service fees, conducting surveys, hosting events, system maintenance, market research, advertising, and preventing illegal activities.

Provision to Third Parties: 

The company may provide user information to third parties under certain conditions, such as with user consent, for legal reasons, or when necessary for the protection of life, body, or property.

Disclosure and Correction: 

Users can request the company to stop using or delete their personal information, notify them of the purpose of use, correct information, or stop providing it to third parties.

Security Management: 

The company takes reasonable security measures to prevent loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of personal information.

Personal Information Handling Department: 

The department handling personal information is NextDrive Connect™ , but the address is not provided in the document.


The contact for inquiries is NextDrive Connect™ , but the email address is not provided in the document.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

The company may change the privacy policy as necessary. If significant changes are made, they will notify users within the service.

Please note that this is a rough translation and some nuances may be lost. For a precise understanding, it’s recommended to have the document professionally translated.