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Ecogenie easily creates smart houses with power control
Cube J
In 2017, the birth of Cube J1 was the beginning of NextDrive’s pursuit of energy solutions.

The energy issue is a dilemma that people of this generation all face together, and a major challenge that desperately needs solving. NextDrive deeply understands the urgency of this problem, which is why we started marching down the long journey of R&D into energy management. This resulted in the birth of Cube J1.

In Japan, electricity is liberalized, so it became the first stop for NextDrive to develop its “Energy Management Solution”. We hope that our experiences with Cube J1 in Japan can be extended to more places in the future, so that the dream of coexistence between sustainable energy and construction development can become a possibility in this generation.

Allows your electricity usage to become
easily visible from now on

Cube J1 uses the dedicated app “Ecogenie” to display your household electricity usage information using simple charts.

Wireless connection smart meter
Cube J1 can be connected wirelessly to a smart meter so that you can grasp your household electricity usage status through your smartphone.
Your home is on your phone
Motion sensing

Pair the Cube J1 with a “Motion Pixi” to receive access information at any time and place. If the door of your home is opened at any time, Cube J1 will send notification to your phone in real-time.

Automatic recording retention, real-time surveillance screen

Pair the Cube J1 with a “Motion Pixi” and then connect the USB wide-angle “NextDrive Cam” so that Cube J1 will record each entering and exiting automatically while access notification is received on your phone. Not only does this allow you to grasp the dynamics at any time, it also saves important video
Smart temperature and humidity sensing
Environmental temperature and humidity sensing

After pairing Cube J1 with Thermo Pixi, you can grasp the temperature and humidity status of each room at any time. In addition, by using temperature and humidity alarm settings, you can received over-temperature and over-humidity notifications in real-time, making your living environment more comfortable.
Power visualization, making energy-saving easy and efficient
Once power usage status is visualized, you can use power management to achieve energy-saving. By using Cube J1 and the dedicated app, you can clearly see the power consumption of home appliances, set power usage status notifications according to daily power usage habits, and easily find any abnormal power consumption.

Estimate electricity cost

On the dedicated app of Cube J1, you can view historic power usage records by month, and use it to set an estimated electricity cost for next month in order to easily management the power usage for each month.
HEMS Gateway
Ecogenie easily creates smart houses with power control