NextDrive Cube
The intelligent way to build a smart home
NextDrive Cube
From home entertainment to home security, Cube allows you to enjoy and protect what’s important to you – and all from your smartphone.

Plug it in. Connect your devices. Then control and monitor from your familiar smartphone. By enabling internet connectivity to your devices, you can build your own private cloud. And it’s a cloud that can be so much more powerful with NextDrive’s range of sensors – Thermo Pixi, Motion Pixi, and NextDrive Cam.


NextDrive Cube: A Smarter Home Hub

Easy to install. Connect your devices easily. No monthly fees. 


Home Security Home Environment Private Cloud


  • Tiny, simple, and designed to fit
    Whatever your style is, it blends right in.
  • Plug in. Wirelessly connect.
    Enable wireless connectivity to connected devices. Always have access to what’s most important to you.
  • No-hassle Setup.
    It's all done with your familiar smartphone.
Meaningful security
Attach Motion Pixi to any object or surface for motion detection. When any movement is detected by Pixi, a notification will be sent straight to your smartphone. It’s a simple, cost-effective home security solution to monitor what’s important to you.
Security Timeline
Connected to motion Pixi and Cube, NextDrive Cam will stream video direct to your smartphone when motion Pixi detects an event, all while Cube records it with its built-in memory. By viewing it live on your phone, you can know if it is something worth being alarmed about. But if you want to view recordings later, you can easily browse your videos with a familiar timeline. And with quick bookmarking, it’s simple to make note of what might be of later importance.
A better environment
With the Thermo Pixi and Cube, NextDrive’s HomeHealth technology monitors your home for temperature and humidity. So if you want to monitor the environment in which your family live, it’s now an easy thing to do. Plants, heirlooms, and other delicate keepsakes can be remotely monitored for any change in ambient temperature and humidity. It's sensitive approach that helps keep what’s delicate to you safe.
A more personal cloud
With the NextDrive Cube and a USB hard drive, you can create your own personal cloud, allowing you to back up photos and other media from your smartphone. Your can then access your backed-up content remotely over the internet, enabling you to stream videos and music from your personal cloud wherever you are in the world. Collecting and sharing what’s yours with family and colleagues can now be both easy and secure.
Always up-to-date
It all works with your familiar smartphones. So there are no new, complicated steps to learn. Simply plug in, download our NextDrive Connect app, and then use your smartphone for an even smarter use: making everyday concerns and experiences easier.

Because it’s all based on your smartphone, any new feature, added partner, or firmware update is done without you having to worry about how it’s done. It just works.
Be connected wherever you are
Sharing moments with your own cloud. Monitoring security from your phone. Tracking the temperature and humidity of your environment. It all adds up to a smarter living experience with NextDrive. It works wirelessly, so there a no installation costs. And because you own everything, so there no are no monthly subscription fees to pay. Everything from photo backups to home security videos is owned by you, so no more privacy concerns.

How We Help Make a Better Home


NextDrive Cube is the world’s smallest and smartest IoT Gateway. It wirelessly connects USB devices to your smartphone through an innovative combination of transfer protocol and IoT technologies, meaning you can take greater control of your devices by using everyday devices such as smartphones and tablets.


What NextDrive Cube does is to act as a hub to bring together all your devices, making it far simpler to control your home and business with your go-to smart devices. So now it’s easy and cost-effective to have a home security system, environment monitoring, and private online storage that’s own entirely by you.


How NextDrive Cube Makes It Easy


Before the advent of IoT, different devices required customization, high installation costs or subscription charges to work together, and even then the way to control devices was cumbersome, with ill-equipped remotes that wouldn’t change as technology progressed. 


So by building flexibility right into the NextDrive Cube, accessing and controlling numerous devices is now easy – and all from your smart device. NextDrive Cube integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB, so you’ll have no problem making the connection you need. And you’ll always have the latest remote control, by updating to our latest version of NextDrive Connect.

Cube + Motion Pixi + Cam


Cube + Thermo Pixi


Cube + Hard Drive
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Technical Specifications
– Compatible USB Devices:
Hardrives, flashdrives, and webcams

– System Requirements:
iOS 8.1 and above; Android 4.0 and above

– Connectivity:
USB 2.0; Bluetooth 4.0; Wi-fi 802.11 b/g/n

– AC Input:
100V–240V; 50/60Hz
– USB Output:
5V, 2.1A

– Weight:

– Dimensions:
47 x 47 x 38 mm

– Plug type:
Type A; two prong
NextDrive Cube
The intelligent way to build a smart home