March Towards City Power 2.0 NextDrive aims to build an independent smart energy community

Taipei, Taiwan – the Taiwan Internet of Energy (IoE) company, NextDrive, will participate in the Energy Taiwan 2019 exhibition, which will be held between 16th and 18th October. During the exhibition, NextDrive’s concept of a smart energy-based community that employs the “Next Generation Energy Management System” will be displayed at the I1009a Booth, Hall 1, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The NextDrive “Ecogenie” Home Energy Management System was recently launched in Japan and was received well by users, securing orders from multiple power companies, including Chubu Electric Power Co. Furthermore, NextDrive will introduce upgrades to the application scenario in this exhibition, where, in addition to a home environment, a “Community Energy Management System (CEMS)” specifically developed for communities will be demonstrated for the first time.

In response to recent demand for energy transformation and the need for replacing the existing “Power 1.0” concept that can utilize only unidirectional output power from power plants, the CEMS has been developed based on the future popularity of smart meters. Under a smart grid that is capable of bidirectional energy transportation, power from renewable energy, as well as batteries, charging piles, and energy-storage devices within the community can be optimally dispatched through the energy management system. As a result, if successfully implemented, the “Power 2.0” concept will allow energy generation, energy storage, and energy savings, thereby creating a more stable and intelligent lifestyle with electricity.

Based on home applications, the NextDrive CEMS extends the scope of energy management from general household appliances to multiple community-based power devices, including renewable energy power generation systems, regional energy storage facilities, and charging piles for electric vehicles. In addition, during the Energy Taiwan 2019 exhibition, NextDrive will, for the first time, announce the “Smart Energy Management Verification Program” that has been designed for the “Yishe” rental properties of Taiwan Power Company. The program will introduce the B route smart meter module and connect with solar energy and energy storage facilities via the NextDrive CEMS, thereby establishing a smart community capable of independent energy management. The program will also provide a solid example of an application of smart grids in Taiwan.

Example of CEMS application: Smart Energy Management Verification Program for the Yishe properties of Taiwan Power Company

To provide a “green, safe, and stable” sustainable power supply, NextDrive will build a smart energy community for the Yishe properties of Taiwan Power Company in Taipei. The program will present a solid implementation of the CEMS in Taiwan, thereby creating an example of the application of energy generation, energy storage, and energy savings.

▲ Smart energy application site: Yishe properties of Taiwan Power Company.

Energy generation, energy storage, and energy savings all together: Smart meter, solar power generation, and energy storage facilities

In terms of hardware, novel smart meters will be installed during the program. In particular, the B route smart meter module developed by NextDrive will be used and connected through wireless Wi-SUN communication to the NextDrive Cube, energy gateway, that will serve as an energy management gateway. Furthermore, “solar power generation” and “energy storage facilities” will be introduced in the community. By connecting the energy management system with solar energy, energy storage facilities, and smart meters, the overall power generation and consumption by the community can be managed optimally, thereby achieving independent energy management with equal emphasis on “energy generation, energy storage, and energy-savings”.

▲ NextDrive Cube Energy Gateway

Realtime monitoring and instant community power distribution

Besides the aforementioned hardware, NextDrive will also provide power distribution operators with “CEMS” to distribution electricity in the community. Through this system, operators can easily measure the power statuses of various buildings in the community, including public areas, individual households, and even the solar energy and energy storage facilities. Since the power generation and consumption of the community are monitored in real-time, immediate power distribution can be provided upon abnormal power usage.






Figure: NextDrive CEMS interface

About NextDrive

“Integration of various energy sources, improvement in energy efficiency, and creation of a powerful platform that benefits everyone”

Founded in 2013, NextDrive had the vision of creating a lifestyle that “optimizes the consumption of every power” via the Internet of Energy (IoE) technologies. Based on science and technology, NextDrive supplies software and hardware consolidation and cloud services and enhances the advantages of communication technology to enable the implementation of modular platform architectures in power devices. By covering different scenarios from families to communities, NextDrive connects home and community power consumption and helps realize the idea of an efficient and energy-saving smart lifestyle by visualization, intelligent control, and optimal distribution of power.