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NextDrive Cube User Manual

NextDrive Cube is built with components from the World’s top tier technology providers such as ARM (SoC), Broadcom and Infineon (hardware based encryption) and is crafted with the innovative IOT technology by NextDrive Inc. and has become a unique one of the world’s first IOT Gateways. NextDrive Cube utilizes Wi-Fi to communicate with smart phones or tablet computers, provides remote and wireless USB devices access to the smart phones, and further extends the mobile application possibilities that might be limited today.

Most of the Wi-Fi equipped portable devices can be programmed to wirelessly access the USB drives attached to the Cube, with the help of NextDrive Connect APP. Once “associated”, your should be able to use your smartphone to remotely access the Cube from anywhere, may the place be at home, in the office or somewhere on the go, as long as there is Internet connection (including 3G 4G or LTE) available.