Integrate hardware, software and the cloud. Create an IoE ecosystem.

NextDrive combines software, hardware and cloud vertical integration capabilities to provide highly-customized services such as a modular framework, platform, and integrated communication technology to breathe life into a variety of new IoT applications.
The project of NextDrive IoE integration

Sales and customization of energy management systems

Area project

Design and development of energy extension services

IoT remote control

Energy platform

Modularized-Design Gateway for Internet of Energy

he energy management center, supports a variety of communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, BLE, Wi-SUN, and LoRa as well as software, hardware, and cloud vertical integration services.

Cloud Services

Cloud Remote Control

Control devices via integration with the partner's cloud.
NextDrive provides cloud-to-cloud control services to integrate your preferred cloud services with NextDrive’s cloud and control it through the NextDrive gateway.
NextDrive, through an exclusive partnership with Japanese system integrator, Necolico, provides three main services: home appliance control, home security and power management.

Data Analysis

Collect and analyze power usage data.
Cube users can access the information collected by the NextDrive gateway for commercial use, such as P2P power trading, device data analysis, etc.

Third Party Integration

Access management

Collaborate with Airbnb host to integrate smart lock. The host simply provides guests a unique password to enter and leave during their stay, effectively reducing labor and management costs.


Integrate other brand blood-pressure meters and environmental sensors to provide instant blood pressure notification and six environmental factors for health care services.

Smart home

Integrate other brand infrared to provide remote control of household appliances through the APP, such as: lights, fans, air conditioning, etc.