NextDrive Thermo Pixi
Environment control that's simple
A healthier environment
With the Thermo Pixi and Cube, NextDrive’s HomeHealth technology monitors your home for temperature and humidity. So if you want to monitor the environment in which your family live, it’s now an easy thing to do. And with longterm trending, you can even apply it to intelligent billing management.

We care about where you live and work

Temperature Monitor Humidity Monitor Trend Recording


  • Watch for trends easily on your smartphone.
How your environment matters
By becoming more aware of your environment, it’s easier to stay healthy and live a more comfortable life.
Your valuables kept valuable
Your treasured clothes, shoes, bags, and expensive photographic equipment can suffer from mildew, making it difficult to restore them. A simple Thermo Pixi brings peace of mind by letting know if the environment of what you own changes.
When the environments demands it
Thermo Pixi works for businesses, too. When the environment of your inventory needs to be corrected and preserved, Thermo Pixi will send a notification when the environment changes beyond a limit you determine. With a battery life of up to a year, it's one less thing to worry about, as you won't have to checking on it.
Thrive easily
Thermo Pixi is about bringing you peace of mind. It's better to know when there is problem, instead of checking if there is one all the time. So first determine the environment that's right for your plants, and then be notified if anything deviates from that, with a simple notification to your smartphone. Temperature and humidity are essential for a thriving plant environment, and there's now an easier way to maintain it.
Technical Specifications
– Requirements:
NextDrive Cube; NextDrive Connect app 1.2 or above

– Battery:
– Weight:

– Dimensions:
56 x 38 x 7 mm
NextDrive Thermo Pixi
Environment control that's simple