Motion Pixi
Event detection that matters
Security that helps you
Detecting acceleration, Motion Pixi can be attached to any object or surface you’re concerned about to provide movement notifications to your smartphone. And with NextDrive’s Cam, any event that’s detected by Pixi can be automatically streamed to be watched on your smartphone, all while Cube records it with its built-in memory.
  • Motion detection. Real-time notifications.
  • Record video automatically with the NexrDrive Cube and NextDrive Cam when movement is detected.
Welcome security
Place it on your door for intelligent home monitoring – even a knock at the door will trigger an alert. And when connected with NextDrive Cam, you can see with your smartphone whether it’s a welcome visitor or the delivery man.
Security that’s personal
Because you can affix Motion Pixi to an object you’re concerned about, you can begin to protect individual personal items, making it a more valuable security solution. If your belonging is moved or pixi is detached, you’ll know with a notification straight to your smartphone. It’s a more personal form of security.
Adding to security
Safes and cash registers help protect valuable positions and cash, but it’s nice to have the reassurance that these aren't being tampered with when you’re not there to keep a tab on things.
Simple means more effective
NextDrive has built something that makes it easier to build your own home security. Because it works wirelessly, you don’t have to worry about installation costs, and you don’t have to worry about any subscriptions charges. You can use your own devices, such as connecting your own hard drive and webcam for a cloud that records security videos you can access anywhere. It's that simple.
Technical Specifications
– Requirements:
NextDrive Cube; NextDrive Connect app 1.2 or above

– Battery:
– Weight:

– Dimensions:
56 x 38 x 7 mm
Motion Pixi
Event detection that matters