Effortlessly capture moments
Protect What You Care No Matter Where You Are
Never miss what’s important
NextDrive’s Cam is equipped with 120° wide-angle viewing. So you’ll have no trouble positioning it to monitor what’s important to you – both night and day. Connected to motion Pixi and Cube, you can be notified of an event and have it streamed direct to your smartphone. It’s intelligent remote monitoring that you’re in control of – all from your familiar smartphone.
  • Your home is just a glance away
The right angle
You’ll have no trouble positioning the NextDrive Cam. Equipped with 120° wide-angle viewing, it’s makes getting the right angle simple. So that’s less fuss when setting up and more reassurance you won’t miss all the details.
Tiny, simple, and designed to fit
NextDrive Cam becomes parts of your home, blending right in to wherever you want, with its small size and attractive white and profit design.
Thoughtful design
Because it’s designed to fit and blend into its surroundings, the camera is design to pivot up and down by 60°, allowing you to position it to capture exactly what you want.
With NextDrive Cam
You Won't miss anything

Technical Specifications
– Key Features: Hardware-based encoding; Up to 1.3M pixel 720P @ 30fps; UVC Plug and Play Standards; infinite focal area;
built-in mic; IR LED
– Platform Support: Windows; Mac OS X; Linux
– Interface: UVC; USB 2.0
– Imaging: AE; AWB; AGC
– Night Vision 8 IR LED; Coverage > 3m
– Weight: 65 g
– Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 38 mm; 1.5m cable
Effortlessly capture moments
Protect What You Care No Matter Where You Are