Caution of Repair
  1. While in the process of maintenance, the product will be reset to factory defaults. No user settings will be retained. NextDrive Inc. is not held liable for any data loss that might have caused by product services and repairing.
  2. During maintenance, spare parts may be used for the replacement of some parts and assemblies. Therefore, after maintenance, the product or parts and assembly may not be the same as those originally sent in for repair.

Responsibilities Uncovered by Warranty Any following situation will void the warranty even within the warranty period. In this event, the consumer shall be obligated to pay any and all maintenance charges or material expenses for repair. These charges will be based on the rates used by the appointed maintenance and service points by NextDrive Inc. and its dealers.

  1. The product serial number is not the same as the one listed on the Product Warranty. Or, the product serial number is not clear or has been altered or torn.
  2. It is determined the damage was caused by improper use, including heavy pressing, impact, crash damage, exposure to moisture or rain, soaking in water, exposure to high temperature, ingress of foreign matters, missing parts, etc., or by a consumer due to failure to follow the usage manual or instructions.

  3. Scratches and wear on the product casing or any parts accessible without dismantling under normal use are not covered by the warranty.

  4. The product has been damaged by disasters beyond our control such as an Act of God, flood and earthquake etc.

  5. Damage has been caused by human error, including accidents, sabotage, improper use, modifications, power supply problems, etc.

  6. Disassembly or maintenance has been performed by unauthorized personnel, or failure or damage has been caused by disassembly or modification of the product by the consumer or by use of accessories not originally supplied by us.

  7. Problems or failures caused by software installation/setup errors or a computer virus.

  8. Poor signal receipt due to the service provided by the mobile or fixed network provider or insufficient network bandwidth.

  9. This warranty only applies to the original hardware components supplied with the product and not to any software or other equipment.