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Revolutionizing Japan’s energy market, NextDrive Inc. will be showcasing its IoT innovations in energy management at COMPUTEX 2017
30 May 2017, TAIPEI, Taiwan – From May 30 to June 1, innovative startup NextDrive Inc. will be demonstrating its Cube J at COMPUTEX 2017. As the world’s smallest IoT gateway, Cube J is set to revolutionize Japan’s energy market. Winner of Best Choice’s Green ICT award, Cube J provides that vital total solution that’s necessary for Japan’s advanced Home Energy Management System (HEMS) solution to connect between energy  users and providers.
Implementing wireless communication protocols like Wi-SUN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ECHONET Lite, Cube J can connect to smart meters and smart grids for power management in homes and stores. Smartphones can then be used to control the functions of appliances remotely, perform automatic scheduling, record and trend the power consumption of appliances, which can then be used to provide power usage recommendations for users to have more a convenient and intuitive form of energy management.
At only 5 centimeters tall and only using 0.5 Watts, Cube J is half the size and uses half the energy of existing  devices on the market. The white and compact design can blend into any home and business environment, and it can be used with accessories such as Motion Pixi (g-sensors), Thermo Pixi (temperature and humidity sensors), and Cam (USB camera). It can seamlessly build a home security surveillance system, and it can even add to the monitoring and long-term trending of health applications. For example, a person using a blood pressure machine can have these long-term records recorded by Cube J and analyzed – while even taking into account the humidity and temperature of the environment in which the measurements are performed.
With people becoming more aware and concerned about green living and smart home solutions, IoT applications will become more diverse to meet expectations. Yet they will grow in complexity, as companies try to offer numerous solutions, but none with the approach of total integration. So NextDrive is well-positioned to unite IoT applications, having developed the necessary experience in integration when developing IoT solutions for the liberalization of Japan’s national power management.
NextDrive CEO, Jeryuan Yan, explains, “Cube J has solved the previous limitations of HEMS’s high application costs, impractical sizes, and integration problems. It’s also brought a whole new look to Japan’s home energy market, with its attractive and more practical form factor.” He continues, “co-operating on energy initiatives with several power suppliers in Japan, NextDrive is set to achieve its plans of helping homes and shops save 10%-20% power consumption a month with its Cube J.”
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Time: May 30 - June 1, 2017, 09:30 -18:00
Location: G0117, TWTC Hall 3
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About NextDrive
An innovative IoT-oriented company, NextDrive was founded in 2013, providing smart power solutions for homes and businesses. NextDrive’s engineering team uses its powerful vertical integration capabilities in software, hardware, API, SDK, and cloud technologies to develop and provide integrated solutions for companies. Having been focused on IoT power-saving services, NextDrive has been using its technical competencies to make improvements in the fields of home security surveillance and healthcare. Released in 2017, our Cube J was specifically designed as a Wi-SUN gateway for HEMS (Home Energy Management
System) in Japan, meaning it supports smart grid and meters. With its miniature size, integrated power supply, and smart power-saving, it can be controlled remotely through mobile phones to provide more convenient and intuitive power control.
May 26, 2017