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The NextDrive Wi-SUN Cube J was entered into the Best Choice Award competition held by COMPUTEX TAIPEI this year, and was awarded the “Green ICT Award”. Our award-winning product and service application will be displayed at booth G0117 in the Taiwan World Trade Center Hall 3 between 5/30-6/1. 

The NextDrive Wi-SUN Cube J is an IoT gateway developed specifically for the HEMS (Home Energy Management System), which is being advanced in Japan. Implementing wireless communication protocols such as Wi-SUN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Cube J can connect to smart grids and smart meters for power management in homes and stores. Mobile phones can then be used to control the functions of appliances remotely, perform automatic scheduling, record power consumption of appliances and also provide power usage recommendations to save power effectively, providing users with more a convenient and intuitive form of energy management. 

At only 5 centimeters tall and only using 0.5 Watts, Cube J is half the size and uses half the energy of existing  devices on the market. The ingenuity of the design is to integrate the power supply and communication antennas together. It uses ABS+PC recyclable injection material, as well as a green modular design. The white and compact design can blend into any home and business environment, and it can be used with accessories such as Motion Pixi (g-sensors), Thermo Pixi (temperature and humidity sensors), and Cam (our USB camera), etc. It can be seamlessly transformed into a simple home security surveillance system, and it can even add to the monitoring and long-term trending of health applications. For example, a person using a blood pressure machine can have these long-term records recorded by Cube J and analyzed – even taking into account the humidity and temperature of the environment in which a person performs measurements.

It solved the previous limitations of HEMS’s high application costs and impractical sizes, and has brought a whole new look to Japan’s home energy market. NextDrive has reached agreements with several power suppliers to co-operate on energy initiatives. With solid R&D teams, NextDrive is applying its experience in the Japanese market towards the liberalization of power management in Taiwan. 

As people become more aware of green living and smart home solutions, related applications will become more diverse and popular. And NextDrive is ready to invest and well-positioned to take advantage, with plans to help homes and shops save 10%-20% power consumption per month.


May 24, 2017