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Congratulations to NextDrive Cube for winning JASA Special Award at Embedded Technology & IoT Technology 2016
As the largest annual gathering of the embedded industry in Asia, ET/IoT Technology (Embedded Technology & IoT Technology) is organized by the Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA). Originally a platform for Japanese electronics firms to showcase and promote the latest technologies, ET/IoT Technology is no longer limited to Japanese manufacturers due to the emergence of IoT, and now sees participation by numerous emerging manufacturers from Asia and Europe.
As the premier gathering of embedded solutions, IoT and IoV technology in Japan, ET/IoT related technical awards have been established especially for ET/IoT Technology in order to commend outstanding embedded and IoT product technologies, solutions and services in the industry. In the past, Mitsubishi Electric, Intel, LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd., subsidiary of ROHM Co., Ltd. and Nagoya University were all recipients of this award.
As the recipient of JASA Special Award at Embedded Technology & IoT Technology 2016, NextDrive Cube is the world’s smallest IoT Gateway, aiming to make IoT as simple as possible. It connects to different devices for various purposes such as private cloud, home security and temperature and humidity detection. In addition, it integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB protocols, so that devices that do not have network capability can be linked to the network and controlled via a smartphone or tablet. After the electricity liberalization in Japan, many applications and ideas have emerged, and with that  NextDrive Cube has been developed to be integrated with Wi-SUN,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth chips and connected to smart meter and smart grid to enable better power management.

Embedded Technology & IoT Technology 2016 award winners
Award Company Award-winning product
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Embedded Technology Award NEC ARmKeypad (NEC)
IoT Technology Award SaltySter SaltySter 5.0
IoT Technology Award Cypress CYALKIT-E02 Solar-Powered BLE Sensor Beacon
Reference Design Kit
Special Award  Yamagiwa lab at University of Tsukuba Skill Grouping
ET30th Anniversary
JASA Special Award
Interplan Co., Ltd. IM920 low power 920MHz band wireless
transmitter and receiver module
ET30th Anniversary
JASA Special Award
Step One Limited Wireless temperature and humidity sensor
ET30th Anniversary
JASA Special Award
NextDrive Smallest IoT Gateway
NextDrive Cube
November 18, 2016