Internet of Energy

Data and Device Management

IoE Suite
A one-stop data integration, analysis and application service

The IoE Suite helps you integrate different customer types, analyze their application behavior, connect energy gateways and various smart devices. It can also access and analyze mass-energy data from devices to help you find customer insights and build a lasting customer relationship.
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Data | The Connection Between Smart Devices and Real-life Assets

Whether it is the user service status, trend, device information or past customer experiences, IoE Suite can quickly acquire customer insights from the mass data collected. Insights that help identify each customer and their behavior, to assist in providing a precise service solution that can support substantial corporate growth.

IoE Suite provides the data you need

Whether it is customer behavior or IoE device data, they all can be integrated into the IoE Suite.

The data can be analyzed to determine customer type according to their behavior to create brand value and uplift customer loyalty.

You can quickly establish data classifications to efficiently filter through the mass data collected for valuable business information.

By using the customer’s preferred communication method, you can easily implement individual marketing to achieve sales-growth goals.

One-Stop IoE Platform


All Set and Ready

Bring your energy service online immediately

IoE platform can be flexibly configured according to corporate needs and provide the customer, a customized intelligent home energy management solution. From hardware deployment to system setup, Ecogenie+ is a one-stop solution that offers all-around support. It assists corporations to focus on core operations to support substantial corporate growth.
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One-stop management for all gateways, smart devices.

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One-stop management
for IoE devices

All gateways, smart devices and peripherals can be viewed at a glance to assist customers to install, position, connect and upgrade firmware with ease. To precisely predict customer preferences and analyze the market trend and promote one step ahead to create a strategic trend-adaptive business plan.

Join seamlessly and
monitor customer journey in real-time

Eliminate abnormal device statuses by monitoring device online and offline statuses or workflow. This can help customers solve problems arising from unfamiliarity with the app’s operation that may result in the risk of terminating app operation.

Full integration of
device status, analysis and customer service

Overwatche all devices, software, user information and abnormal status records to provide a standardized solution. This can avoid unnecessary back and forth confirmation and communications which in turn, offers customers simple and swift solutions.

Highly personal interactive contents at your fingertips Through mobile app push notifications to increase daily interactions with customers

Choose a corporate message or communication goal

Choose a specific target group

Create contents and interaction methods

Push content notifications to customers via the app

Mail list CH

Allows one-on-one marketing on a large scale

Whether it is introducing a new service or optimizing an existing function, IoE Suite can help direct the focal point towards your corporate goal and establish a customer feedback mechanism for customer insight data. By compiling all products’ software and firmware data, customer characteristics, behavior and other information, it offers you actionable customer insight data.
Mail list CH
Content CH
Content CH

Intelligently distinguishes,
customization in the palm of your hand

IoE Suite push notifications provide unique experiences to applicable customers. You can easily create multimedia advertisement content such as audio and video carousel ads or questionnaires. This allows you to accurately contact potential customers and customize personal budgets to maximize your marketing effects for sales growth. You may even plan ahead by providing application articles on device installation or environment settings during customers’ initial activation stage for references.

Real numbers, real customers, no more assumptions

With customer behavior analysis, it can help you distinguish “likely to lose” or “opens app three times a day” customer segments. By integrating population statistics, online history and interaction data analysis, it seeks to improve customer retain and purchase rate. The unique and multifaceted customer segments can be automatically updated to minimize manpower while maximizing the marketing effect.

A new service, a new start, a new way of life

The intuitive IoE Suite is an API that is third party service integrable to allow multiple service providers to operate under the one IoE ecosystem. Together, it provides your customers with a brand new subscription to an intelligent lifestyle that offers to improve the lifetime value of the customer and user experience.
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