Home Energy Management System

Unlike the traditional HEMS (Home Energy Management System)

Ecogenie can connect to a smart meter and control home appliances via an IoT wireless connection. With Cube, you can finally monitor and control all of your home electricity usage (lights, TVs, AC, etc.) from a single easy-to-use app.

Smart and Simple

Ecogenie features an effortless, economic HEMS service designed with high-end technology that puts control of all compatible smart devices at your fingertips.

Ecogenie - Visualize Your Home Electricity Consumption

Chart your electricity consumption data in real time

Ecogenie can record your electricity data every 30 seconds, analyzing electricity paradigms in real time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Set your monthly budget

Ecogenie’s Electricity Rate Plan helps you precisely calculate and set your desired monthly electric bill.

Budget alert

Ecogenie will automatically push notifications to your smartphone when your electricity usage crosses critical thresholds.

Remote control your AC with a single tap on your smartphone

Ecogenie can turn your AC up or down as well as change modes. You can set various schedules so that Ecogenie can optimize your AC for your unique needs and budget.

*Supports both Smart and Traditional Air Conditioners

Zero Energy Home

Ecogenie can wirelessly connect to a smart meter, solar panels, and batteries.

Make energy a little smarter in new ways everyday.

In addition to connecting to a smart meter, Ecogenie consolidates various energy sources in real-time, monitoring electricity generation, consumption and storage statistics. “Schedule Function” lets you automatically turn on your battery and water heater during lower usage rates.

Track electricity generation and consumption data.

Monitor your PV income and analyze the efficiency. Check your remaining battery power as well as charging status at anytime.

Charge your battery at the lowest cost possible

Ecogenie can charge your home battery during low TOU (Time-Of-Use) rates and stores solar energy in the battery during the daytime, which can then power your home at night.

From Smart Home to Smart Community: Ecogenie builds a diversified energy ecosystem.

Our vision of a home energy management system is not limited to a single house. Ecogenie goes even further and connects all kinds of energy sources to help create a better future where anyone can easily share green energy with anyone else.