Useful Insights for Greater Energy Savings
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Useful Insights for Greater Energy Savings

Get details on every drop of your daily energy

Visualize every drop of energy from your household appliances in real-time. Ecogenie+ takes care of your energy information from all energy equipment, including smart meters, solar panels, and batteries.

Dashboard view of
energy utilization

Track your energy data and uncover inefficiencies to tackle them for greater savings.
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Dashboard view of
energy usage
Track your energy data and uncover inefficiencies to tackle them for greater savings.

Get notified and stay within your budget

Set a monthly energy budget and follow its progress in real-time to keep your energy expenditure and spending under control.

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With Time-Of-Use billing, the price of electricity depends on the season, day of the week and time of day.
Ecogenie+ with smart meters make it easy to take advantage of lower price periods and avoid expensive time frames.
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ECHONET Lite - Compatible

Take comfort into your own hands

Define your cozy home

Create rules that can trigger a series of device actions to sustain the comfort level you want in your home
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Control your home smart devices from anywhere

Works with thousands of ECHONET Lite certified devices. With remote accessibility, Ecogenie+ allows you to create a cozy home atmosphere just before your arrival; turn devices off remotely for greater peace of mind or utilize off-peak electricity to lower your energy bills.
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Simple security at your fingertips

Connect with those who matter the most

Keep an eye on those who matter the most, at any time and from anywhere.

Your connected home at a glance

Get instant notification when Motion Pixi detects movement.

How it works

Install your gateway
Position and install Motion Pixi into place
Plugin directly to Cam
Monitor and protect your home, 24/7


Service Marketplace

Designed for lifestyle, designed to discover

Ecogenie+ makes it easy to discover new IoE services you’re going to love that can improve your lifestyle with valuable home energy information.

About Life+

Life+ displays ads and contents that may be of interest to you. It is updated daily to keep you informed and inspired by the ever-evolving world of IoE services. It’s also a great place to find useful tips and tricks.

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