Smart Energy Gateway

The Smallest Energy Management System in the World

About Cube

Cube was built in 2017 as the start of NextDrive’s pursuit of a total Energy Management Solution. By supporting Japan’s HEMS specification, NextDrive integrated electricity data and energy equipment into Cube to create the world’s smallest IoT smart energy gateway. Simply plug Cube into any socket and it easily provides services such as electricity visualization, energy equipment control, and cloud analytics. This makes Cube the ideal energy management hub in houses, communities, and even across regions.


Cube is made for all kinds of scenarios that requires precise electricity analytics and management.



The smallest HEMS gateway in the world

Certified by Japan HEMS standard protocol, ECHONET Lite.

Vertical Integration

Provide One-Stop-Shop solution via Self-Developing firmware, software, and cloud services.

Support various connection protocols

Wi-SUN, Wi-Fi 2.4G and BLE are all compatible

Module Development

Provides developer APIs that let you build, deploy, and scale services on the same infrastructure as Cube.

Control home appliances via ECHONET Lite

Certified by ECHONET Lite, Ecogenie allows you to control home appliances.

Remote Control

Effortlessly control home appliance and manage data remotely via Ecogenie APP


Accessory Introduction


  • Dimensions   48mm x 48mm x43mm
  • AC Input   100V-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Connectivity   AC(5G Hz) / Wi-SUN(ROHM-BP35c0) / ECHONET Lite / USB 2.0 / Bluetooth 4.2/ BLE / Wi-Fi b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • USB Output   5V、0.5A
  • Weight   80g
  • Built-in Memory Capacity   16GB
  • OS   iOS 10/ Android 5 Above
  • Security   Infineon OPTIGA™
  • Certification   TELEC、PSE、VCCI、ECHONET Lite、AIF