Energy creation

Energy storage

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Create a community energy management solution

From smart household to smart community. Connecting the electricity consumption of an entire community creates maximum electricity efficiency.

NextDrive provides the Community Energy Mangement solution for construction companies and property management agencies. NextDrive's energy management platform intergrates devices such as smart meter, energy storage devices, and solar panels to dispatch electricity in the community while allowing residents to track their electricity consumption.

CEMS Features

1. Connect to a variety of energy devices

Use Cube energy gateway as a power dispatch center. Cube connects smart meters, storage batteries and solar panels to create a Community Energy Management System.

2. An intuitive power visualization platform

NextDrive provides a customized platform for managers and residents with an intuitive and friendly interface that features easy-to-read consumption data.

Community management side

Data on overall electricity consumption       Analysis of each household’s electricity consumption

Resident side (via the APP)

Power visualization         Budget control

3. Power distribution

Managers have access to data on peak hour electricity consumption through Community Energy Management System, allowing them to instantly create community microgrids that ensure both conservation and stability.