Community Energy Management

提供 ESG 企業、用電大戶一站式能源管理服務

Introduce Energy Adaptability, Increase Power Efficiency

NextDrive 為 ESG 企業、用電大戶提供能源顧問服務及一站式的場and green energy companies. Through our AI-driven energy management system, you will be able to easily grasp the power usage of your sites and real energy needs, thereby optimizing power usage and improving energy efficiency.

Under the Strong Growth of Green Power Needs,
Relevant Transaction Regulations Are Set to Become Clearer

從各國政府宣示縮減碳排量,到企業積極加入 RE100,台灣身為全球製造中心之一,發展綠電不只是永續議題,更是國家整體經濟發展命脈。 將來電動車發展、半導體製造將不僅依賴穩定的電力環境,更需充足的「綠電」供應量。隨 2024 年將電力自由化,台灣的綠電調度或交易規則將會陸續到位。

Major Electricity Users’ Regulations

Users with contract capacity over 5,000 kW must have a green energy use rate of 10% by 2025, self-use or purchased (T-RECs).

Sustainable Corporate Image

為回應 ESG 趨勢,企業積極加入RE100、制定減碳計畫書,倡導社會企業責任。

Become Part of the Green Energy Supply Chain

With global tech giants racing to announce net zero carbon emission goals and the clean energy supply chain initiatives led by Apple and Microsoft, use of green power has become an important aspect of global companies’ supply chain management.

Participate in Ancillary Services & Energy Trading Platforms

Through professional assessments conducted by our energy consultants, we are able to provide you with the best solutions for your future participation in ancillary services* and energy trading platforms.

 *Not applicable for major electricity users.

Community Energy Management System

a Comprehensive Energy Management System Solution

a Comprehensive Energy Management System Solution Power regulation will become a norm following the official launch of Taiwan’s electricity trading platform in 2024. As such, you can count on Energy experts at NextDrive to tailor the most suitable solution for you based on the needs and goals of your business. Our smart energy management system not only lays the foundation for an excellent user experience, but also integrates data of the site’s green energy generation and consumption, making power supply-demand balance and demand dispatching easily attainable.

Professional consulting with energy consultants

Based on your business needs, site-specific characteristics, and operator background, we will tailor the energy management service and system platform most suitable for you.

NextDrive Gateway

A gateway with powerful computing abilities that supports flexible connectivity standards and high-capacity storage space* provides the system with a stable and agile computing environment.

Energy Management System Webpage

The customizable system webpage provides visualized energy data and control panels, and it can be accessed anywhere at any time by logging in through your computer or mobile.

AI Adaptability

With just a click, the customized system enables AI algorithms to optimize a site’s power storage and consumption efficiency based on its characteristics and power consumption scale.

See the Future from Now

in the Smart Energy Management System

The AI-driven energy management system strengthens the “adaptability” of your site’s energy resources. Through Internet of Energy (IoE) technology, the system integrates photovoltaics systems, storage batteries, charging stations, and other energy equipment, providing you with a systematic overview of power supply and demand; at the same time, through data computing, it predicts the demand in each time period to dispatch energy in advance and automatically regulates the equipment and electrical appliances in your site.

Visualization of Energy Data

Provides concise and integrated data on power usage, generation, and storage, so that with or without a background in energy management, you’ll be able to grasp the energy flows in your site quickly.

AI Smart Control

The AI automatically regulates storage battery discharge and schedules high-power appliance and equipment usage in a site based on overall power demand and expected results.

Demand Forecast and Warning

Through machine learning, the energy management system is able to forecast an energy load curve by analyzing the power usage, generation, and storage data of various sites.

Optimize Contract Capacity

We collect rolling data on power usage, generation, and storage, and provide accurate and feasible contract capacity optimization suggestions.

Participate in Day-ahead Ancillary Services to Get an Edge in Electricity Trading

In the future, CEMS users can enter the electricity market by participating in NextDrive’s “Resources Aggregation (RA) Platform”. The platform integrates power consumption, generation, and storage data, realizes cross-site energy deployment, and combines each site’s power generation and storage resources. As a result, a city-level virtual power plant is formed, enabling participants to have sufficient resources to access ancillary services and energy trading platforms.