Success Case

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By NextDrive “Developer Program” solutions, We help Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. provide APIs to help customers obtain energy data and control devices and create a sandbox environment for developing and testing “Energy Management and Remote Control System”.
By “Ecogenie+ solution” and SDK development kit, we help ACCEL LAB Ltd. to use the “SpaceCore” smart home mobile application to connect NextDrive energy meters and ECHONET Lite energy devices to establish an energy Internet of Things system architecture.
The Ecogenie+ (white label) solution from NextDrive provided a way for the client to create a connection with their own customers and build a foundation for providing value-added services in a very short period of time. This provided opportunities to create environmental value (Jcredit), storage battery control, participation in DER (DR/VPP) demonstration, and other services.