• All communication lines should be as far away as possible from interference
  • The communication line should connect to low voltage wells
  • Do not connect communication lines to electrical risers (such as 220-volt residential power supply) or radio frequency (such as CATV, large-signal audio cable). If walking parallel lines, the distance should be greater than 0.5 meters
  • All devices on the same network segment must have a uniform signal ground to avoid common mode interference
  • All wires connected the Ground (GND) of all RS-485 devices should be shield
  • The RS-485 bus must be a hand-in-hand bus structure, resolutely eliminating star connections and bifurcation connections
  • If there are more than 30 controllers or the line length is more than 500 meters, RS-485 repeaters must be used

RS-485 Cable Specification Requirement

  • Cable requirement:Multi-Conductor, Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Solid conductors:AWG 16-24 (1.29 mm~0.5 mm)
  • Stranded conductors:AWG 19-24 (0.75mm2~0.2 mm2)

When using a terminal socket, please prepare a single-core conductor or a multi-core conductor with plug terminals

  1. Multi-core conductors can also be transferred to single-core conductors through the terminal.
  2. Multi-core conductor single-core conductor

Cross-Sectional of the Conversion Terminal Requirement:AWG 19-24 (0.75mm2~0.2 mm2)