IoE Gateway - Atto

LTE smart energy gateway combining metering, sensing and monitoring.

About Atto

Atto is a smart gateway with both data collection and computing functions. Atto can collect data from smart electric meters through Wi-SUN and uses RS-485 and two USB ports to connect with solar energy systems, storage batteries, and other energy devices. At the same time, the built-in nano SIM card uploads the data to the cloud, thereby enhancing the reliability and stability of the data transmission.


Atto is made for all kinds of scenarios that requires precise electricity analytics and management.

Features and Advantages

Simple and smooth installation experience

Through 4G/LTE mobile network communication and with self-developed NextDrive SetUp App, Atto can be connected to the cloud for installation immediately after a power-on, helping users quickly complete hardware installation operations.

Management hub with computing and diversified processing capabilities

Uses the LTE Cat.4 module to support multiple communications, while also having its own computing power. After collecting data, it can realize a wide range of applications, such as real-time reporting of a large amount of image data and real-time device control.

Supports wired and wireless communication specifications

It has four types of wireless communication specifications, namely, LTE, Wi-SUN, Wi-Fi, and BLE. It also has two types of physical communication interfaces, RS-485 and USB2.0, which can be connected to electric meters, smart home appliances, and other devices.

Aesthetic design integrated with home decoration

The outer appearance of Atto was designed by a Good Design Award-winning design team, and the body possesses stylish and compact features. A wall-mounted design is adopted; it can be integrated with the home decor without affecting the aesthetics of the living space.


  • Dimensions   122mm x 122mm x38.6mm
  • Input Voltage   DC 5V (+- 5%), 3A
  • Power consumption MAX 14.2W
  • Support Protocols   4G LTE, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac), BLE 4.2, Wi-SUN, ECHONET Lite
  • Interface   RS-485, USB 2.0
  • Weight  214g
  • Built-in Memory Capacity 1GB DDR3
  • Data Storage Capacity   16GB eMMC
  • Security   Infineon OPTIGA™
  • Certification   ECHONET Lite AIF, Telec, VCCI
  • Built-in SIM Card Nano SIM