About us
Founded in 2014, NextDrive’s teams of software developers and hardware engineers build integrated platform solutions to improve how technology works for us — for people, business, and industries.

Smarter homes. Smarter businesses
By bringing greater connectivity to your devices, your home, and those you care about, NextDrive makes everyday experiences even more convenient and enjoyable. From entertainment to security, our range of solutions simplify how we connect with and rely on our devices – for smarter homes and businesses.

Intelligent Industries
By combining ease of use with powerful IoT architecture, NextDrive delivers customized platform applications for industries — such as wireless IoT gateways and cloud services to access and control smart meters, sensors, and I/O devices. And because our solutions are wireless, they bring convenience without the inconvenience of costly wired upgrades and installations. In other words, developers and manufacturers can concentrate on developing and building great products and services, while NextDrive takes care of making it easy for them to be implemented in an ecosystem of different protocols.

So by serving both consumer and business markets, NextDrive is better placed to couple advanced technologies with a better user experience to allow you to upgrade your home, business, or industry with smarter technology.

2015: NextDrive Plug was successfully launched, backed by a 1,000 contributors on Indiegogo.
2016: NextDrive Cube was introduced – the world’s smallest IoT gateway. With its range of smart sensors, USB integration, and smartphone connectivity, it’s the simplest way to build a smart home network and personal cloud storage.
2016: Winner of a product design award from Computex d&i awards 2016, Spectra brings the best mobile listening experience from the world’s smallest portable 32-Bit DAC amp.
IT Month Innovative Products Award
Japan Good Design Special Award
COMPUTEX Best Choice Award ICT Award
IT Month Innovative Products - The Golden Award Winners
Japan ET/IoT Technology AWARD 2016 JASA Special Award
Computex d&i awards 2016 - Product Design Award
Technode Taiwan Demo Day - 1st place
Taiwan's Innovation Workshop for Young Entrepreneurs - 1st place
Fukuoka Global Venture Award - 2nd place
Taiwan's Department of Commerce IDEAS Show - 1st place
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