Atto, NextDrive’s Gateway, wins 2020 Good Design Award

Visualized energy data, built-in LTE, and remote control appliances allow you to power manage with ease

NextDrive, an international Internet of Energy (IoE) platform solutions provider, announces today that its Atto Data Collection Gateway has won the 2020 Good Design Award, and it is the third Good Design Award that NextDrive has allocated after 2017 and 2018※. 

“NextDrive  Atto Data Collection Gateway has built-in LTE, offers visualized energy data and remote smart home controls. These functions enable users to envision energy consumption of smart meters, solar energy systems, storage batteries; and allow users to remotely control smart applications for facilitating smart home life. The Atto Data Collection Gateway has a simple and compact design, so it will not contradict your home design.” commented by the committees.

Atto Data Collection Gateway is a smart gateway with both data collection and computing functions. It can collect data from smart electric meters through Wi-SUN and uses RS-485 to connect with solar energy systems, storage batteries, and other energy devices. Simultaneously, the built-in nano-SIM card uploads the data to the cloud, thereby enhancing the reliability and stability of the data transmission.

グッドデザイン賞 2020年度受賞

NextDrive データ収集ゲートウェイ Atto

※ 2017 Cube Smart Energy Gateway, and 2018 NextDrive Spectra DAC Amplifier.

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